At Last Some Rain!

While most of the Country had too much winter, here in Northern California we had too little. The plants were afraid to push them selves up through the hard, dry earth until the last few weeks we had rain, loads of it for days in a row.  In response my daffodils bloomed earlier than ever.  Their spots of bright yellow lighting up my yard and my drive to work.  Grasses and California Poppies are adding pops of color back to the roadsides. A visual feast that won’t last long here in Colfax, so I am enjoying it while it lasts.

daffodil from topforget me not grape hyacynth daffodil bud w rock

back of daffodilant on cloverToday the sun is shining & the ground is soft so I am going to go play in the dirt before the weeds take over.

Have Fun!

Have Fun!