Back on the Real Estate Roller Coaster Again! Wheeeeeee

I love a roller coaster ride (my favorite- The Giant Dipper in Santa Cruz) the anticipation of waiting in line, the slow clack, clack up to the top and then the adrenaline rush of that first drop and knowing that it is going to happen again and again for the next few minutes.

In my little part of the real estate world, we started to anticipate in August 2012, September brought the slow jerky ascent and by December we were flying again, no brake for holidays this year.  January clicked up again – my best month in 7 years – and February brought more phone calls, more interest.   Prices are on the rise, multiple offers are the rule rather than the exception, and many homes go into contract in just a few days.

I am seeing less short sales ( a lot less ) , but still a fair number of lender owned homes coming on the market, balanced out by some good old fashioned regular sellers.  Now that is something to smile about!  Real sellers that you can talk to, that know about the property, it is wonderful.  Hopefully we will soon settle in to a long smooth ride and stable inventory and prices.




Have Fun!

Teri Andrews-Murch, Realtor, Ca DRE 01734030 ph 530-798-0215 Lyon Real Estate, Auburn, Ca.


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