Reflections of Marriage & Home Ownership

Grandma Zs house

Last weekend some friends of ours celebrated their 20 year wedding anniversary with a renewing of vows.  For me going to a wedding always brings some self reflection on the past and future.  The reminder that we are in it for the good and bad.  My mind wandered to and fro and of course landed in thoughts of real estate (I can’t help myself!) and how our relationship to our homes is somewhat like a marriage.

We fall head over heels in love and have fantastic storybook dreams of our future together.     Then as we live in it for awhile we begin to notice the door that doesn’t quite shut or the color that doesn’t excite us any more.  So we begin to change and improve, reshape and re-evaluate.   Sometimes we decide to stay and sometimes we go.  Time goes by and the annoyances either get fixed, fade into the background or become quirky unique features we couldn’t live without.  If we are lucky enough to make it to our 30 year anniversary we are rewarded with a paid off house to enjoy the rest of our days in and a home full of memories and stories.

Have a great weekend.  Enjoy your home and your spouse.

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Have Fun!




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